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. >> 50 years later, extraordinary. of course, also extraordinary events ahead of us. unfortunately, perhaps, our nation called into conflict again in the coming days. we'll talk about syria in a minute. we look back at this speech and rank this speech probably as one of the greatest in american history. it's easy to forget 50 years later that a lot of people didn't want martin luther king to deliver this speech including jfk who tried to get him to call the civil rights march and speech off. he refused and kennedy was left with no option but to support this speech and the rest, as they say, is history. >> it is. president kennedy watched the speech being carried live on the three television networks. his remark after it was finished was he is damn good. one master of oratory understood it. i would argue that what dr. king said today 50 years ago was the most important piece of american oratory from the gettysburg address through our own time. it redefined what it meant to be an american. it carried forward what jefferson started and what lincoln ratified and what king was urging us
. >> and "the daily news" calls him dead man playing. >> there's that too. >> with us on set pulitzer-prize winning historian jon meacham, president of the council on foreign relations, richard haas, nbc news political reporter kasie hunt and in washington columnist and associated editor for "the washington post" david ignatius. >> as a red sox fan, this bereeves me greatly. richbds haas, you're a yankee fan, let's gloat. they're going to get him out this year, next year. bob costas, coming talking about it. you get bob costas talking about anything, costas doesn't like to wake up early, can i tell you how big this is? bob costas is on the west coast. >> no. >> and getting up early to talk about "morning joe." >> this is when it's hitting the fan. >> exactly. i have no idea what you're talking about. >> or -- >> a-rod is in big trouble. life-long yankee fan you have to be glad this guy is going to get yanked, right? >> so to speak. your second punt of the morning, it's good he's getting yanked. may go on a little longer. he's appealing the suspension that will be announced today. ther
reference? >> yep. >> that sets us up perfectly. we got to go. time to get to twerk. "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it's friday, august 30th. take a live shot of new york city. 6:00 a.m. you can tell fall is coming. >> how can you tell? >> first of all it's getting cooler. also, we've got calendars in our house and it says it's the end of august. third, it's -- it's taking a while for the sun to get up. >> it's good head's up, those calendars. take a look at them. >> never -- you can't say you never saw labor day coming. we got a long labor day weekend. the president has a longer labor day weekend. >> laboring. >> he's got some serious challenges. also, some of these other -- we're going to get to syria in a minute. see this, de blasio poll in new york. this guy looks like he may avoid a runoff. we were talking about anthony weiner like a month ago and then christine quinn and now -- >> she's in third place now. >> she's in third place, thompson in second, de blasio out of nowhere. >> great ads. he's a talented politician. >> he is a talented
see the difference all of us can make. together. >>> welcome back, everybody. earlier in the show we asked you what's the wildest party you've ever been to based on sammy's barmitzvah video. look at this guy. right? this is how he came out to his crowd of cheering supporters. first he started out with a christine aguilera impersonator and they dropped down this ball and he appears from behind it, choreographed dance. we asked you #waytoorowdy what was the best party you ever been to. noah tweeted us one time i went to a party and there was a goat in the living room drinking beer from a bucket. that would not be a barmitzvah. that would be tuesday at college. right? i mean that's college. but i was thinking 1985 would have been my barmitzvah if i were jewish and if i had the moxie i would have come out to like the neutron dance by the pointer sisters. remember that? no one remembers. >> i remember it. >> you remember? okay. . can't get anybody telling me they like the pointer sisters here. that was "way too early." hopefully i'll be invited back. "morning joe" starts right now. . >
now. ♪ >> good morning. it is tuesday, august 27th. welcome to "morning joe," everybody. with us on set, we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle. hello, mike. former governor of vermont and former chairman of the democratic national committee, howard dean is with us. on the set. and in washington, pulitzer-prize winning columnist and associate editor of "the washington post" and msnbc political analyst eugene robinson along with willie, joe and me. >> how are you? >> not good. >> why are you not good? >> i never saw it coming. >> what? >> i mean, seriously i feel like tony soprano at the end of "the sopranos." you never see it coming, never know where it's going to come from. >> what are you talking about? >> bobby rigs. who would have guessed, mike barnicle, that bobby rigs would have been in debt to the mob. and threw the match. threw the match. bobby rigs. >> who knows if this is true. >> what's left? >> what is left? if bobby rigs was bought -- espn reporting that the match of the century, battle of the sexes, this was -- this was like -- norman lear in the age of norman lear
at our twitter responses for what foreign traditions we should bring back to the u.s. after they ran with the bulls. >> chris says, warm beer for breakfast. it's my favorite european tradition especially on monday. >> perfect. >> and linda says, seest tas every afternoon. >> i have been long an advocate for the see yes ta. am i invading your personal space. >> >> we're great. >> "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ and we can't stop and we won't stop ♪ ♪ ♪ >> come on, come on. what are you doing, t.j.? no. no. >> that's not a happy clap. >> all right. >> that's a hey, what's wrong with you, trjt j.? >> good morning, everyone. >> we have kids watching the show, getting ready for school. you could have shown bob schieffer interviewing chuck grassley. >> i'm sure -- >> right? >> now that's sexy. >> the kids. >> ashton kutcher said on the video now viral now that's sexy. >> i thought i was glad i was back from vacation. >> no. >> it's monday, august 26th welcome to "morning joe." >> what was that. >> we have richard haas author of "foreign policy begins at home". >> t.j. wants to kn
're going to speak with ford ceo alan mullally and coo mark fields about this important investment in u.s. manufacturing and what it will mean for the overall economy. >> and we're here to tell the story of detroit as well as the city's bankruptcy, it's been in the news, it's been dominating the headlines, but what is the blueprint for resurrecting the storied and vital american city that's played such a critical role not only in helping grow the great american century, but also in winning world war ii. and you know what, detroit's challen challenges, they're the same as a lot of the challenges facing america as a whole. >> so, all this morning, we're going to be joined by the people who are critical to the city's russ ser recollection including kevyn orr, the appointed emergency manager for detroit, the founder of quicken loans, dan gilbert, become a critical champion of real estate in detroit and cy young award winning pitcher for the tigers justin verlander join us on this special edition of "morning joe." joining us inside the plant as what went by what was that? that's beautiful. for
need more than that? >> you want hundreds of thousands. also with us former adviser to paul ryan dan senore. and msnbc's steve kornacki. >> automated things. i would get these things like hair supply companies would automatically follow me. >> you have to explain this to me. >> terrible. >> all the hair salon companies in the world can follow me. >> ceo of metropolitan capital advi adviser. you're on twitter as well. >> i am. >> feeling a little fragile. nicole got 2,000 in one day. >> this morning we have a firsthand look how the tragedy was averted in georgia the school shooting after a gunman snuck into the school armed with a semiautomatic weapon and 500 rounds of ammunition. antoinette tuft, why she's being called a hero. >> let me talk to them and let's see if we can woke it out so you don't have to go away with them for a long time. >> i'm already on probation. >> no, it doesn't matter. i can let them know you haven't tried to harm me. that doesn't make any difference. you didn't hit anybody. let me ask you this, ma'am. he didn't hit anybody, he just shot outside the door. if
tweeted us, she stole your sister's phone. >> she did. >> what did she say? >> they go to work but they spend your money. >> moms, look out there, look at what natalie is on. she's shopping. she has your credit card. mike g., put your hand out on camera because you live at home. he says he's saving for a house. right? >> yes. >> that was your excuse. >> yeah. >> saving for a house. all right. everybody, "morning joe" starts right now, for a friday. ♪ >> russia has stabbed us in the back and each day that snowden is allowed to roam f is to relish pokingthe knife. us in the eye. as long as prime minister putin acts like a bully, we have only one choice, to stand up to him and show him that bullies pay a price. >> all right. a poke in the -- i don't know. a different gesture that comes to mind when i think of what vladimir putin and the russians have done here. good morning, everyone. it's friday, and the week is going out with a bang. >> i'm confused. >> august 2nd. >> i can't believe it's august. i have not read my -- what is this about? >> that's "the new york post" implying
. >> my goodness, wow. and the saga of san diego continues. good morning august 20th. with us on set msnbc's thomas roberts. former communication director for george w. bush, who never had to worry about such things with george w. bush, i mean you know, cleaning up messes like this, filner mess, and former senior adviser for the 2008 mccain presidential campaign, nicolle wallace and the director of the earth institute at columbia university dr. jeffrey sachs. in washington pulitzer-prize winning columnist and associate editor of "the washington post" and msnbc political analyst and bob filner expert, eugene robinson. thank you for being with us. it's nice to know one woman under like 100 in san diego has been in bob filner's presence has not been molested. >> she's lovely so that's one. >> still has the great granny coming after him. that embattled san diego mayor bob filner was expected to be back on work at monday after spending time away for behavior therapy. but he reportedly met with city council leaders and lawyer gloria allred who represents several of his accusers. dozens of suppor
. joining us on set, former communications director for president george w. bush is nicole wallace. and thomas roberts is here as well, looking very dapper. >> and joe and mika are away, but mommy and daddy, you look good. fresh in from the hamptons. >> we take this job very seriously. we make sure we are color coordinated. >> there is bill deblasio, front runner for mayor, lifelong boston red sox fan, born in cambridge. nicole wallace, you're communications expert. you stand tall, you come off like mitt romney and change teams. >> you've got to stand tall. politics 101, anyone who's ever, on a bus tour, bus tour, anyone? before you get off the bus, the last thing you ask your communications director is, who's the home team? who do they all root for? what hats are they going to be wearing? this is, you know, so fundamental to feeling like the person we might vote for is someone that cares about the same things i do. and nothing unites people more than rooting for the same team. >> it's who he is, he can't deny it. it's like there's a history there. if you were his opponent, though,
. >> with us on set -- >> you had a good weekend? >> no. i just slept and i'm tired. >> you know what i find, if you never try to sleep, it doesn't hit you, but the second you get like -- >> it's not worth it. never going to sleep again. >> boom -- >> how was your weekend, willie? >> i'm working on a book with my father and the deadline is approaching very quickly so i decided to get started. >> you sound like joe. >> just kidding, publishers and editors. almost done. >> exactly. >> is there a legal pad i can borrow. >> sten no notebook. >> former white house press secretary and msnbc contributor robert gibbs with us. president of the council on foreign relations and author of the book "foreign policy begins at home" richard haas with us as well. so that's -- it's actually very good to have you on board this morning. a lot to talk about. >> really? >> we'll start with politics unless you would like to interject with something inappropriate, completely old and random and tired. >> put it that way. >> wow. >> i'm going to have oatmeal. >> orphans relief funds. >> somebody tweets about it and t
don't think in reality they love us the most. that >> my siblings have given me grief for years about how i take about i'm going to win the lottery some day and actually we got together not so long ago for my dad's 80th birthday and playing this game, i don't remember the gist but who in the crowd would match this description and the description was, their financial plan consists of playing the lottery. well, everybody picked my name. and they thought it was funny then. who's right now, that's what i want to say. >> who is laughing right now. it worked for him. you're looking at new york city. that was paul white. an engineer from ham lake, minnesota. he's one of the winners from this week's $448 million jackpot drawing. and he is a smart guy. smart guy. smart financial plan. he opted for the cash payment, which ended up being just over 58 numb$58 million after taxes. friday, august 9th. great to have you on "morning joe." with us on set msnbc's thomas roberts. we've got the host of "way too early," brian shactman. pulitzer-prize winning columnist and associate editor of "the washingt
. >> for some of us, there's never a point you should put on the tights. >> that's true. you were right, they didn't grow up. should we get to these? shall we? >> this morning we've got more information about how the shooting at the georgia elementary school unfolded. antoinette tough, the bookkeeper heard on the 911 call described how she diffused the situation as the gunmen and police exchanged fire. >> i was actually praying on the inside. i was terrified but i just started praying. knowing that if i got as hysterical as i was on the inside on the outside he would wind up panicking. the bullets was coming from everywhere and i said to him, come back in here right now. come from out there. come back in here. don't worry about it. come back in here and stay with me. we're both going to be safe. i said to him, bullets don't have no name and if they shoot you, they're going to shoot me. >> wow. that is one cool woman. i bet she talks to her kids like that. >> i can see her say you go to your room now. >> where was she when i was raising my kids. i want her to come over and say that. >> c
you. thank you. aren't you a nice person. you all are a bunch of -- >> what did you want us to say? >> i will give you a list of drugs -- >> we don't have time for that. it only a three-hour show. >> i want to say a year or more ago. i can't ever -- i'd just rather not sleep than risk -- >> what are we on now? >> we're on tv actually. all right. let's raise the bar and talk about anthony weiner, shall we? we're going to start with he's lagging in the polls but that does not mean he's not going out of this face without a fight. i don't know why people keep writing puns into the script and i'm not going to read them. cut it out! in last night's first mayoral debate, the candidates largely stayed away from weiner's online escapades, though the issue did come up during an exchange with christine quinn. take a look. >> here's the profound difference is i've apologized for my personal behavior. the speaker refuses to apologize for overturning the will of the people, for the slush fund scandal and for things in her professional record. that's the difference, i've owned up to my personal f
to do it for "way too early." thanks for joining us. "morning joe" starts right now. >>> hey, good morning. it's friday, august 16th. as you look at new york. it's going to be a nice day. the last couple days, as nice of weather as we've had in august which means it's going to be -- look at that. thank you, chopper 4. it t.j., do we have our own chopper? wait a second. we don't even have our own lights in the studio. >> no, they're working. >> the lights are working today. wow. that is fantastic. oh, my gosh. i thought i was going to have to bring in a flashlight. very exciting, such special day former governor of pennsylvania and also thomas roberts playing john mccain walking in front of the day, assistant managing editor leigh gallagher and thomas roberts. >> my first day in television. i'm sorry. >> you're doing a good job. also -- >> welcome. >> thanks. >> i hope it works out well for you. >> all uphill from here. >> we'll see. in washington, we got former white house press secretary and msnbc contributor robert gibbs. you know, ed, we need to talk to robert before we get -- w
in and he says to one of his generals, use your division. he goes, sir, i have no division. >> god. >> and lee figures out, all is lost because of pickett's charge and he says, it is my fault. it's all my fault. that's all he had. mack na mara, secretary of defense, obviously, fog of war on vietnam. >> yes. >> we were wrong. >> yes. >> just write it down in the history books. >> that's right. >> simple, painful, searing truth. yesterday, we've got him on today, this is history as well. ben smith. >> oh. >> asks anthony weiner -- >> i thought you were talking about stop and frisk. >> why didn't you use snap chat? willie geist? how was that wind up, baby. >> ben smith interviewing anthony weiner on stage. >> best question. what was the answer. >> why didn't you use snap chat? he says i don't have an answer for you. >> if you were like me, i went right back it to general lee. >> it's a little much. >> it is all my fault. right? >> and ben smith, when the questioning got -- >> gene, do you not like history? >> exhausting. >> do you not like history. you do not realize that we are livin
nominees. look, if you're not going to have 23 debates these guys are making it easier for us to pair that down to a reasonable number in front of people and entities that give a darn about the future of the republican party. >> you are also -- >> but al, i thought that speaking only to your base was not a way to win? >> well, i am just simply outraged this discriminatory and exclusionary policy. where's glen beck? glen beck has to be in the mix here somewhere. look, this is -- this is, i think, probably a lot of do about things that are going to take a different turn. i don't like these whatever you call them, biopics, i don't think it's such a great idea, but the debates, i mean i like reince priebus but the idea that the debates are what killed the republicans last time was nonsense. it wasn't the circus, it was the animals in the circus. hillary and obama debated through may of 2008 and didn't hurt them. my guess is this is going to shake out in a different way and debates are determined in the end not by the rnc chairman but by the frontrunner. if the frontrunner participates the
, my lord. >> i said off air and on air. >> use your inside and outside voice. >> you like the summer, too. >> we vacation in hell's kitchen every summer. >> it has not been as hot when it is like 105 for like the entire month of august and you breathe in new york city, the essence of new york city. >> so i'm going to do the news now. everybody is making fun of your pants. >> everybody is making fun of my pants. there is a website. >> we did "the view" the other day. in your world -- >> so you wonder why people make fun of you. so this guy puts up video at town hall. they a mantucket reds. >> i have mantuckett reds. i don't wear them on "the view." >> yesterday mantucket red pants became gay pants, not that there is anything wrong with that. >> everyone was so nice. >> one of barbara's last shows. >> i get nerving going on "the view". >> she has incredible energy. >>> earlier this week anthony weiner had a dramatic exchange with an angry voter. last night -- would you move on? last night he came face to face -- just stop it with your looks. it is like being atd table full oof girls. l
thought. he cheated. good morning, everyone. it's august 6th. welcome to "morning joe." with us former communications director for president george w. bush and senior adviser for the 2008 mccain presidential campaign, nicolle wallace. >> she's great. >> she's amazing. msnbc contributor mike barnicle. and in washington, pulitzer-prize winning columnist and associate editor of the -- >> amazon -- >> newly sold "washington post," wow, big news there, in your world, gene. we'll talk about that. >> no free shipping for you, mika. >> he's like the free shipping czar now. >> my goodness. none for me. >> all right. mike barnicle, this is like a big day -- >> mike, this is huge. >> this is. >> this is -- >> i was surprised. >> as willie was saying last night at the holiday inn, the plates are shifting under the media world and then we had a couple smokes and watched old reruns of "night of a thousand". >> you ran out of cigarettes before i got there. >> one pack talking about the globe, another pack -- >> the sale of the post as i'm sure gene will have more to say on this, it was stunning. >> i
for by tsa's own policies. >> rather than punishing the employees using standard penalties tsa chose to go easy on those who find it hard to stay awake while protecting the american people. >> reporter: misconduct cases at tsa went up 27% over the past three years, about 9600 in all, most were failing to show up as scheduled, violating security rules or sleeping on duty. >> of the 9600 cases, about half resulted in letters of reprimand, 31% resulted in suspensions and 17% resulted in employees removalal from tsa. >> reporter: tsa insists it is tough on the worst offenders, firing 380 employees over the past decade for theft, for example. including a screener at the orlando airport who admitted stealing four laptop computers from passenger baggage. >> if we can prove an individual is stealing, if we can prove that an individual is taking drugs, if we can prove that an individual is intentionally subjugating the security system and can prove it immediately they're out the door. >> reporter: says the tsa, without definitive proof employees get letters of reprimand while complaints are investi
at that. it's thursday, august 8th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we have former communications director for presidents george w. bush and former senior adviser for the 2008 mccain presidential campaign, nicolle wallace. we have the chairman of deutsch incorporated. >> what's with the glasses? >> they're new. >> vanity glasses. >> are they? >> can i see them, please? >> i have -- >> are they real? >> willie and i like to go up and down madison avenue on saturdays and we saw this -- >> put them on and find out they are not real. let's see. oh, my god, they're vanity glasses. try. >> those are reading glasses. >> they look good ob you. >> allows him to make a point like this too. >> eyes look bigger. >> all right. that is subtle and in washington, msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee, michael steele. good to have you all on board this morning. >> good morning. >> vanity glasses and all. get right into it. >> willie and i do want to first point out, radio for europe, one of the great songs -- >> we haven't heard it recently
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)